Welcome to CycleSmith!


New original bicycle shop in Cambridge!!!
Cambridge CycleSmith trades since 2010 in the heart of Cambridge - Cambridge Market Square. CycleSmith offers a wide range of cycles from top of the range racing bikes, mountain bikes, commuters to cruiser style of bicycles.
Our new objective is geting kids in to cycling by suplying good range of kids bicycles, balace bikes and accessories.
We belive that cycling is a lifestyle and thats why we are constantly looking for new products to go with cycling fashion.

As from 2011 we offer proffesional same day repair service with no previous booking needed.

Satisfaction guaranteed !!! Try for yourself.


Please visit Contact Us section for directions.


Selection of:

  • City bicycles
  • Hybrids
  • Racers
  • Mountain bikes
  • Vintage bicycles
  • Fixed wheel bicycles

Same Day Services:

  • Seasonal checkups from £25
  • Overhaul and restoration projects
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Custom built bicycles and wheels
  • Custom advert bicycles
  • Great selection of parts and accessories
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